Endless steps found on tea plantation in Hangzhou

The Mundane Traveller in Hangzhou, China

Endless steps on tea plantation in Hangzhou

These simple steps can be found in Hangzhou, China somewhere in the tea fields where they plant the famous Longjing Tea. Imagine these steps taken every single day by tea plantation workers during the harvest with their roughed up hands, bold legs and weathered faces. Day by day, year by year, never-ending steps…

I took this photo in April 2009 with a Nikon FM2, Nikkor 50mm / 1.4 MF with a cheap, but thus very cool Kodak ColorPlus (200-8) film.

I hope the colours of this photo will show up on your monitor not too saturated, as I originally optimized them for the display of my Thinkpad T61. That display has a very low saturation and thus the colours tend to be more on the natural side. On my Apple Macbook Pro Retina these colours seem a bit too over saturated, but then most of the newer displays are over saturated just for the effect of it.

The Mundane Philosopher

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