Riding Dragons – a flexible way to cover great distances

The Mundane Philosopher's favourite means of transportation

The Mundane Philosopher’s favourite means of transportation

Using a dragon is definitely a fantastic way to reach difficult destinations for the fellow Mundane Traveller (especially to the one know as The Mundane Philosopher). As we all know it could get dangerous while travelling. Riding a dragon in threatening situations has the additional advantage that it can easily defend you from any other predators which normally tend to be a bit smaller than the common dragon.

Only in some places riding a dragon is not as convenient, as shown on the picture. Narrow pathways can be quite crowded, so using a dragon might slow you down on shorter distances. It is also not recommended to navigate a dragon in large cities as the beast may fall back to his untamed nature. It could then be feeding on your fellow travellers if you are not a professional dragon rider. So get some training before you consider this type of transportation!

Some fellow traveller may also not be too pleased to find a large beast blocking their path of advancement – but then who are they to stop you from getting it your way?