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I am the Mundane Traveller, a digital nomad.

I live and work on the road, but I also like to stay at home and work from there.

As a digital nomad, I can be everywhere I want, but do not have to. I can also be in the same place for a very long time, just enjoying the amenities of a large city like Shanghai, New York, Bangkok, Berlin, Tokyo, Mexico City or wherever I choose to live.

The location independent lifestyle is not about restless running from one place to another forced by extrinsic necessities of work and life, but about the intrinsic, self-conscious choice to live and work where I want. It’s about having the option and the ability to do so when I want to do it. And to choose to do it or not to do it.

Waking up the morning of 1st of January 2013 in a youth hostel in Taipeih, Taiwan I decided to focus more on a location independent lifestyle and share my travels with the world. Since I was not yet sure if too many photos is not too much distracting my main site The Mundane Philosopher I created this one to share more of my photos without the need to add text about philosophy or other interesting topics every time I put up a photo.

By now, it looks like becoming my main site, so keep on visiting this! Welcome to the world of the Mundane Traveller, a digital nomad like you and me!

Contact me if you like: info (at) mundetraveller.com

Copyright notice: Please note that all the photos on this blog have been taken by myself or by the authors of the related post unless otherwise noted. They are our  sweat and blood and thus are protected by the usual copyright laws which are easily controlled and enforced. If you want to use them or buy them simply contact me or them. I appreciate your understanding. Thank you very much!