Monthly Archive: November, 2013

Sunset on West Lake in Hangzhou

I took this with the Olympus XZ-1, a camera with the best JPG processing I have encountered so far.

Hangzhou city scape from a boat on the West Lake

      I took this on a boat on the Hangzhou West Lake in China. Camera: Olympus XZ-1 at f2.1, ISO 200

Bridge of Bones

I took this one with a Nikon D90, Nikkor 35-70mm/2.8 at 70mm, 1/4000s, 2.8, ISO 200 at the coast near San Diego.

Bender of Futurama in Chile

Found in the Parque Nacional in the Lake District of Chile. Bender lives!

National Novel Writing Month, Day 8 – Record day of writing: lots of characters introduced and outlook on crisis drawn

Today, I wrote a personal record of 1,914 words! I had a great flow, introducing and detailing the main characters of my novel while drawing the crisis they are facing. But yet I… Continue reading

Sunset in the Lake District of Chile – Ancud

I took this beautiful sunset from the youth hostel 13 Lunas just next to the bus station in Ancud, Lake District, Chile. One of the best and coziest youth hostels I have been… Continue reading

National Novel Writing Month, Day 4 – Sixth Scene written: “A Viking in Rome”

Today, I was working so much on other stuff that I almost didn’t write anything. But finally I got to sit down at midnight, and wrote another scene “A Viking in Rome”. My… Continue reading

National Novel Writing Month Day 3 – Fifth Scene written: last excerpt for today

It’s briefly after midnight and I finished the last scene for today, the 5th scene I have written: “Emilio and the Vagabond”. Now I have reached a total wordcount of 3224. In the… Continue reading

National Novel Writing Month Day 3 – Third Scene written: another excerpt

This is the third secene now, written on the 3rd day of the National Novel Writing Month my wordcount 1521 word out of 50k. I haven’t posted the 2nd scene yet, as the… Continue reading

National Novel Writing Month Day 3 – First Scene written: Second Encounter

On Friday, 1st of November 2013, I started with no idea about what to write my novel, but soon after sitting down it started to flow out of my head into my fingers… Continue reading

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