National Novel Writing Month Day 3 – Fifth Scene written: last excerpt for today

It’s briefly after midnight and I finished the last scene for today, the 5th scene I have written: “Emilio and the Vagabond”. Now I have reached a total wordcount of 3224. In the… Continue reading

National Novel Writing Month Day 3 – Third Scene written: another excerpt

This is the third secene now, written on the 3rd day of the National Novel Writing Month my wordcount 1521 word out of 50k. I haven’t posted the 2nd scene yet, as the… Continue reading

National Novel Writing Month Day 3 – First Scene written: Second Encounter

On Friday, 1st of November 2013, I started with no idea about what to write my novel, but soon after sitting down it started to flow out of my head into my fingers… Continue reading

National Novel Writing Month starts today! Come and join!

No more procrastination with writing a novel anymore! I am participating in the National Novel Writing Month. Which actually is more of an international event now. The main goal is to write a… Continue reading

Luggage systems: Backpack or trolley? This is (not) the question.

Whenever I travel, I ask myself the same question: How do I pack, what do I pack? As for the how, there are two options: Trolley or Backpack. My answer quick anser is… Continue reading

Live every single day of your live as it would be your first day in life – instead of living every day as it would be your last day in life.

You might have heard this sentences many times and from many sources: Live your life every day as it would be your last day of your life. I don’t believe it is right… Continue reading

Outline for an infrastructure for the digital nomad – all you need (and not need) for a location independent lifestyle

Finally I am back at writing! After a long writing pause I finally found the momentum to blog again. In the last three months since my last post, I have been to Germany,… Continue reading

Prohibition Signs (3) – A polite way to say “stepping on the rails forbidden” in Tokyo

This one can be found in the Tokyo JR Line, Japan. It is actually self-explaining – guess what it is written there? It’s actually a very polite, japanese way to say that you… Continue reading

Humorous prohibition signs (2) – no swinging and climbing in the metro

Obviously the Guangzhou Metro company (in Southern China) is worried about their safety rails to be damaged. I have never seen someone doing it, but then this proves the effectiveness of the prohibition… Continue reading

Humorous prohibition signs – no standing on the toilet

Prohibition signs have the primary function of forbidding us to do something for various reasons. Among those could be: protecting your own interest like your personal safety protecting nterests of groups of people… Continue reading

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