Outline for an infrastructure for the digital nomad – all you need (and not need) for a location independent lifestyle

Finally I am back at writing! After a long writing pause I finally found the momentum to blog again.

In the last three months since my last post, I have been to Germany, Canada, the USA and Hong Kong. Now that I resettled in Shanghai, I will find more time to sort my impressions and experiences, think and summarize and especially write more.

One of the things I did the last few months was to build and optimize my already existing infrastructure for my nomadic lifestyle. I want it to be lean, flexible and quick to adjust to my life on the road and at home.

Zeilgallerie, München, Deutschland

Zeilgallerie, Munich, Germany

I have found and implemented many new products and services as diverse as encrypted emails and a scan service for my snail mails. I replaced my giant but inefficient touch screen mobile phone(s) with the last of its kind, an Android slide keyboard phone (a SIM-enabled Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE XT897). I cleaned out my possessions further to have a lean living, for example giving away books to substitute them with ebooks and throwing away things I did not use for years or which I didn’t even remember having them. I did so much the last few months and now it is time to consolidate.

The first thing I want to share with you is an outline for infrastructure of a digital nomad. By showing you an extended range of possibilities you can build your own infrastructure adapted to your needs to lead a flexible, quickly adjustable location independent lifestyle: Infrastructure of a digital nomad.

It is under construction and I will fill it as I go along. The topic “Infrastructure of a digital nomad” will become a permanent category and site on the same level as “about me”. You can find it easily on the site navigation.

I welcome all suggestions of products and services which will help us digital nomads in our location independent lifestyle. Please leave me a message and comment!