Living in a tree house in Northern Laos

The Mundane Traveller in a treehouse in Laos

The Mundane Traveller in a treehouse in Laos

The Gibbon Experience in Northern Laos, near Huay Xai, a border town to Thailand is dedicated to the protection of the almost extinct Gibbons by turning former hunters into guides and protectors of the gibbons.

I stayed there the last three days on this Southeast Asia Trip. It is definitely the highlight of this trip so far. A limited number of people are allowed to live for a few days on tree houses for three days. Those tree houses are built up to 60m high on trees in the middle of the jungle. Only getting there requires a two hour ride on a pick-up truck and further hiking for more than two hours into the jungle. We were able to reach those tree houses through zip-lines, which is a lot of fun by itself.

I even managed to take photos of the full moon at 5am in the morning from the tree house, the pictures are here: Treehouse view on the fullmoon.

Update 2013-03-17: I also used the Gibbon Experience to illustrated as a well-working example for social entrepreneurship on my other Blog The Mundane Philosopher: The dilemma of philanthropy: Start early with no money and power, or grow yourself first to have more leverage later?

A zip-line to a "Gibbon Experience" tree house in Northern Laos

A zip-line to a “Gibbon Experience” one of the lower tree house in Northern Laos

Our guide on the zip-line to the treehouse taking photos of the it.

Our guide on the zip-line taking photos of the tree house.