The ruins at the end of the world

The ruins of the world

The end of the world as we know it.

Dear fellow travellers!

This is the additional photoblog of The Mundane Philosopher (aka MdPhil).

Having the option to lead an independent lifestyle since I built a business which I can run on while on the road is great. But this option has to be drawn of course. So far I have been hesitant to do so but my new years resolution of 2012 for 2013 is to pull that option more often then before.

Starting 2013 I want to focus more on the artistic side of me and share my travels with the world. Since I am not yet sure if too many photos is not too much distracting my main site The Mundane Philosopher I created this one to share more of my photos without the need to add text about philosophy or other interesting topics everytime I put up a photo.

I hope you like my photos and come back again.

The Mundane Philospher (aka MdPhil), at the moment in Taipei